Weber Bookkeeping, LLC

Weber Bookkeeping was founded in 2014 to provide bookkeeping services to the Lowcountry here in South Carolina. Jessica Weber had decided to put her education and experience to work for small for-profit and non-for-profit businesses. 

Weber Bookkeeping, LLC may still be a small and up-coming bookkeeping business, but Jessica's dream was to give small businesses (both for-profit and non-for-profit) a more affordable bookkeeper.

New businesses are being formed every day, but the owners 1) do not understand that there are certain "rules" that they have to follow in order to keep the IRS happy or 2) they do, but they cannot afford to hire a bookkeeper or an accounting firm. This is where Weber Bookkeeping, LLC steps in and gives their clients an "exceptional experience" at an affordable rate!


Our Philosophy

We strive to give our clients bookkeeping services that they can rely on. Our clients deserve the right to be able to achieve financial freedom and stability, so we put our brains to work so that they can succeed.