Want to Stream-Line your Accounting Practices

 Do you spend a lot of hours entering data in to your accounting software or spreadsheets? Well, Weber Bookeeping, LLC can help you to stream-line your accounting practices. Listed below are some examples of different applications that can help you to spend less time entering all of that data. Contact us today for more information.



Do you deal with a steady stream of receipts and/or bills on a daily basis and don't know what to do with them expect throw them in an old shoe box. Well HubDoc could be the answer to this problem. HubDoc is a third-party application that you can connect to your QuickBooks Online or XERO account and allows you to snap a picture or upload a PDF or JPEG file with your phone or computer. Once the company extract certain key factors from the receipt(s) and/or bill(s), your document can then be classified and transferred to your QuickBooks or XERO account.

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Just like HubDoc, AutoEntry is another application that will help you solve the issue of all those receipts and bills. Another feature that we use AutoEntry for is while doing catch-up work. Several months of bank statements can be entered in a mater of hours instead of days or weeks, depending on how many we have to process.

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Bill.com is another third-party application that can connect to QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, or XERO. Bill.com allows you to pay all of your bill in one convenient location, especially if you you use bill pay through your bank or send ACH payments. You can also get your invoices paid through Bill.com, so it works for both Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.

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Do you run payroll in house? Do you have trouble keeping track of your employees' time sheets, vacation time, sick days, breaks, etc.? Well TSheet could work for you. They offer schedule building that takes just minutes, a mobile app to let you update schedules on the go, automate overtime rules, pay rates, and best of all, the real-time reports to give you better insight to your profitability. TSheets integrates with QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, ADP, XERO, etc.

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Many, Many More

There are many, many more applications that you can integrate with your accounting software in order to help stream-line your accounting practices. Most of the ones that are listed here are for QuickBooks and XERO, but ZOHO Books also has several that can help with stream-lining. ZOHO has a whole list of applications from CRM to Mail to Workplace tools.

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